Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Guess I'll Have to go Thirsty...

In case you can't fully read this, it's a post of a vending machine with a digital screen. Sean posts, " There was no PD on this touch screen device so I had to go thirsty at lunch."

As I attempt to get teachers to play more in place of traditional professional development, this picture and statement resonated. I'm told, "Corin, we don't have time to play." I hear this even from primary teachers who know that kids learn best when you coach them in an environment where they are able to explore.

There is a place for lecture, but the play in processing the information, collaboration with peers, and personal reflection will help all learners cement and apply the knowledge and skills.

I've seen teachers paralyzed by the fact that there hasn't been training on a device they've received. They'll leave an iPad in the box waiting for someone to ask them to open it so an introduction can be made. A staff member this spring said he was motivated but couldn't use Minecraft in the classroom because there hadn't been an inservice on it.

In the coming months, I'm going to attempt to move my own staff from solely face-to-face delivery to more online professional development in smaller snippets with less documentation and more encouragement to play and collaborate for practice. 

I realize the shift for my staff will also require a shift on the part of educators who are accustomed to stand and deliver staff development to learning anytime, anywhere. I hope it eventually trickles down to students. Really, here's to hoping.

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