Thursday, May 16, 2013

Instructional Technologist to Innovation Strategist

Don declared earlier this year that he hates the term "instructional technology." He's long hated the term, "technology integration."

innovation strategists
Three Innovation Strategists. Picture credit: Melissa Lim
"Today, using technology is just part of good instruction," he says. Conversations, Tweets, and title changes ensued this spring. Sean and I are now calling ourselves innovation strategists. Don will join the ranks when he follows his heart and gets back to the training side where he belongs. In the meantime, our agency will continue to evolve and our titles will evolve along with it.

Then this Google+ post from Melissa Lim. The term innovation strategist isn't included anywhere in the article, but it is all about innovation and strategy...and the changing role of information technology.

We're all about user experience. Each day we make baby steps toward the change we want to see in education and for today's kids. Technology is just a tiny piece of the puzzle. We're looking for real change to inquiry-based lessons and student-centered learning. It's painfully slow.